Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It was fruity, spicy, crumbly, and crunchy...

...and now it's just bland.

I have always loved writing.

The wonderful thing about my Live-Journal is that no one knew about it and it was still public. I wrote about my frustrations, my fears, my achievements... but I was still vague in case someone ever stumbled upon it. When I kept up with my Live-Journal blogging was a daily thing and it was the perfect outlet.

I still go back to my Live-Journal now and then, not to revisit painful memories, but to revisit the writing. It was so much better back then...

Then I discovered Blogger and its versatility. I have always loved graphic arts and this venue allowed me to dabble with that. The downside is that my writing became more accessible and next thing I knew, I was holding back.

I want to write this... No, I can't. Maybe this person will read it, and get insulted. No, I can't. It's offensive to some. No, I can't. [Insert valid reason].

About a year ago I had a rather interesting and uncomfortable incident right about when I had difficulty finding a lab in grad school. When I finally found one that allowed me to rotate in it, the PI specifically stated that he did not want his lab or any of its members mentioned in a blog. That sounded really strange to me, but I realized I had vented about certain recent events on my Live-Journal (I had revisited Live-Journal given the circumstances). A few days earlier a fellow grad student had e-mailed expressing concern for me and my current state in grad school. She said she had read my blog (I thought, this blog). Then it clicked. My Facebook account has links to both, this and live-journal. What I wrote in my Live-Journal regarding grad school, and certain people wasn't.... *ahem*.... nice. She had read my Live-Journal and somehow the word had spread.

I know. Me stoopid. I took certain precautions with Facebook and by changing this blog's url. Nonetheless, writing still has never been the same. For the last year, even though I've had the time, my blog has been mostly neglected.

I thought.... Maybe it's the layout. I should add marshmallows! But, it's not the layout. Who cares if a blog is pretty if its content is plain? The content of my blog has been plain to me.

And I know it's because you know who is writing. Yes, I'm quirky, I'm weird. You should know that by now with my love for science, my PhD [non]adventures, etc... This next part is going to be... awkward.

I know I have a few followers (like two) that read this blog because of what I write and not because of who I am. Because they are strangers! I think they deserve to know where I'll end up.

Everyone else, I'm so sorry... I need this. I need my anonymity for my writing to be what it was. If somehow you stumble upon my blog again and figure out it is me, then you are awesome :) For now, it has been fun.

PS - Ain't it funny how most people go "I'm going private!" While I'm saying, "I'm going Anonymous!" Heh... No? Ok.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Geography Lesson

Boss to Person A:
I am back from the Middle East

Person A to Boss:
I hope you didn't have any problems in Nigeria.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

No, please. Don't take me seriously. I like it.

It's probably because I look something like this...

(adorable, childlike, pettite, sweet, "wouldn't-hurt-a-fly", bunny-hugger) that people don't realize that when I talk I can and should be taken seriously.

In fact, those that know me well know that despite the fact that I look like a harmless child (a FEMALE child to my dismay), when upset, I am more like this:

And yes, I WILL bite your head off, or just... You know...

Throw a chair at you.

I wonder how much Heavenly Father really minds all the swearing I did today. He knows I had reason to swear.

No, really, don't take me seriously. It's not like I don't love knowing exactly what is going to happen just because I'm not doing what I know I should be doing. No biggie. Just more stuff for me to do. Yay.

Oh yeah, this is not this blog's permanent layout... I'm just sick of the other one.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Monday, January 16, 2012

Ode to The Jetta

Little Red Jetta,
I still remember the day my dad told me you were mine.
He said your color
Was just like me...

You journeyed from Florida to Utah
You were probably terrified.
I didn't have my license,
I had barely learned to drive.

You had one a tiny dent in the back,
the result of hurricane.
A few months into being mine,
Your bumper was cracked,
(blame the stupid holes
in the Provo roads.)

Nonetheless, I tried my best.
I parked in your corners
so you'd remained untouched
by everyone else.

It's a shame that while you had a fun engine
full of "Vroom vrooms!" and speedy turns,
the rest of you was made flimsy plastic.
First it was the glove compartment.
Then the tube for oil dipstick.
Then the sunroof.
Then the vanity mirror.

And then there were the bigger parts...

Still, you never really broke down.
You never left me stranded.
And after the Provo Canyon incident (you know the one)
You handled the curve and the sudden stop with such magnificent swiftness,
That Mom, Dad, and Sister still remind me, that "were it not for that car!"
We would have been @#$%^&*

I took silly drives with you,
Just when I wanted to get lost.
I took naps in you,
I fit perfectly in your backseat.
I took you camping,
and twice you were much better than a tent.
I even cried in you when I felt I had no other space.

I said goodbye to you on Saturday.
And yes, I do miss you a bit.
But it was time
And I think you agreed.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Nader & Lalis Moment, brought to you by... Dinner!

This why I love Nader:

The two of us sitting at my dinner table, laughing because of the most-be-fat man upstairs. What if one day we heard a loud *thump* and then no more noises? No more loud steps for us to trace his steps around his apartment? And what if he fell right through my ceiling onto my table as we ate?

Nader and I, AT THE SAME TIME, picked up up our forks and poked the imaginary dead, fat man on my table. Oh, if only it had been caught on camera...

It's true. The geeks do find each other and fall in love.

Remember when?

My blog was interesting?
Probably not because in my mind it was only interesting to myself. But lately, it is boring.

It needs an upgrade. Starting with the layout. Coming soon...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Yummy Bow

The highlight of my Christmas...

...was this little man's enjoyments of bows.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How was your Christmas?

I spent Christmas with my nephew.
By default I spent Christmas with my sister and bro-in-law.
My nephew discovered the joy of chewing on bows and wrapping paper.
(And flicking spit with said bows).
My nephew is five months old.

My sister hasn't changed as far as holidays go.
She likes to decorate, and cook, and bake.
My sister will never change.
Thing is, my sister has a five month old.
Our Christmas lasagna ended up with some thyme (it doesn't call for thyme) and the traditional Colombian natilla just... yeah. It was just nasty.

I'm just glad we didn't try the cookies.

My brother-in-law isn't LDS, but as far as my LDS beliefs go I am certain that he will attain the greatest reward possible for just being married to my sister.

On my parents end, they tried to host Christmas Eve for both sides of the family at their house.
My mom's sister never made it.
My mom had to head to the hospital because her sister fell ill.
In the meantime, my dad's brother fainted because of a possible heart attack while my dad tried to host dinner at the house by himself.

I guess every family has to have at least ONE of THOSE Christmases, right?

My time with my sister and her family was totally worth it though.
My dear bro-in-law asked me on the way to the airport,
"Despite all the drama, did you have fun?"
Yes, I did!
I love my sister, I love him, and I love baby Robert!
I don't care that dinner was a fiasco!
I don't care that things weren't exactly traditional.
Seeing Baby attack and destroy that bow was priceless.
And the best part?
My sister went through the temple and I was her escort.
What more could I ask for this Christmas!

And in Florida...
My aunt is recovering and she'll be going home tomorrow.
My uncle is also recovering and his time in the hospital was a much-needed wake-up call for him.
Call it a blessing in disguise.

Before I traveled, Nader and I had our own little Christmas.
We opened presents.
And drank some cider.
Nader is beyond thoughtful.
I leave you with my favorite pictures of that night:

This was our miserable attempt to take a Christmas picture of us with the buns.
This was the only with the bunnies.
It's the best you get.
Happy Holidays Ya'll...

Jamili chewed on presents since the day I wrapped them.
Nader decided she could finish this one for him.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.
I know I did.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Family, Isn't It About... Getting it Right?

I've already told you how I have a cold. It's been a bad one, too. Oh my word.I've actually had flu-like body aches, just not as painful. And, honestly, how much mucus can a person my size produce? It's been mucus galore since Thursday! And so far it's not showing any signs of ceasing.

In the meantime, my sister got the stomach flu. The thing then progressed to a UTI. My sister may be married and have a baby of her own, (and I'm sure this will be true of myself) but when she's sick she calls "Mami" and "Papi".

I called my parents as well. The thing is, my poor mother has had to work this whole week, so who has had to hear us wail, and whine, and pout? Dad.

My sister ended up having to go to the doctor. Me? I just suffered though work until 4:00pm on Friday when I got home, changed into PJs, and crashed on the couch. My sister called home to tell the available parent (again, that would be dad) that she was at the doctor. My dad's response? "Why? I thought you just had a cold!"

Like many (and I really do mean "many") times before my sister then said, "No Papi, that is Lalis. I have a stomach bug".

When my sister told me this earlier today over video chat we both laughed so hard. My dear dad has gotten us confused on so many levels before, it has actually become endearing and a family joke.

And in case you were wondering, yes, my sister has awful V(D)J recombination as well. Nader already told us on Facebook, "Seriously, you two. BUY an immune system!"

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Best Way to Get Motivated

Sick in bed.
Wish I could sleep.
Must work instead.
Boss is skeptic that I am sick
despite the snot
and the aloof vibe I'm sending.

I must not only work,
I must work overtime.
I may have to head back to the office.
Just when I was about to cry you know what Nader said?

"You've been to grad school
You've through prelims.
This is NOTHING!
You were screwed much worse than this before.
This is child's play!
Now, NAIL IT!"

You know what?
He is so damn right.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lysol, please.

Nader and I had this little gem of a conversation the other day:

*WARNING* It is beyond nerdy.
Lalis: Maybe you're so hairy because you're not as evolutionary advanced as me!
Nader: Yeah, but your V(D)J recombination sucks!
Lalis: Tru dat...
V(D)J recombination, in a nutshell, is part of the DNA events that take place in everyone's bodies. It provides us with inborn defenses against the myriad of pathogens we constantly encounter. It's one of the things that strengthens my testimony of God, but that's a whole other subject.

When Nad says that my V(D)J recombination sucks he is saying that part of my immune system sucks. And he is right. I have a cold. What's the big deal with a cold? It's Winter. Everyone gets colds in the winter. Oh no.... I had a cold approximately three weeks ago. And it was a nasty one. I remember because I also remember the person who gave it to Nader, I remember Nader being sick for a morning (literally), and me getting it two days later and being sick for a week!

I could list all the other infectious illnesses that have been haunting me since Summer (Eye Infection, I'm looking at you! Wait... that doesn't work...) but that's beside the point.

Anyway, now I'm enjoying and peachy sneezing fest. Tissue anyone? The best part? I know who I got this virus from! My cubicle neighbor! I thought it would be impossible for me to get sick again (so soon), but nope. Seems the dang little bugger mutated enough before it got to my neighbor. My poor body can't keep up. I need a bubble. Literally.

Oh well, thank goodness for lotion-infused tissues. They are awesome.

Friday, December 9, 2011

8 Business Days

I counted.
Starting today there are only eight business days left before I fly to Atlanta, GA to spend Christmas with my adorable nephew! Oh, and my sister, too.
I don't mind weekends so much. On weekends I get to sleep.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

[Loud] "Aha!" Moment

Picture this:

Silent cubicle land. Me at my desk struggling to decipher a former employee's data and mistakes. One hour. Two hours pass. And then..."AHA!" with my arms up in the air.

I didn't realize how loud I had been until I saw that heads had popped up and the one man that was on his way back to his office through the maze of cubes stopped right on his spot to look at me. Thank heavens I work in a friendly place and everyone who noticed laughed. I guess in a sense they joined in my relief at figuring in out the mystery data.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Boyfriend Made a Turkey... And We Ate It

I'm not going to list everything I am grateful for.
That would be repetitive.
Instead I'd like to focus on what I'm grateful for this year.

About six months ago I said that I would beglad when this year was over.
In a sense, I'm still glad it is coming to an end.
This year was full of changes.
You know, with me failing prelims and suddenly having no plans for my life?
Then having a toxic experience in my first assignment at my new job?
Talk about feeling lost.

Notwithstanding I still maintain that failing prelims was a blessing.
A great blessing.
I love my job.
The real me and my talents are growing because of that job.
PA was just a fluke and there are going to be more of those, but that is ok.
I am grateful I failed prelims.

I am grateful for the little baby that joined my family through my sister.
I mean, just look at him!
Yeah, 'nough said.

I got a new baby this year, too.
Mine's a little furrier.
And... whisker-er.
My little Jamili (the black bunny) has been an economical challenge, given her health (she's had to deal with a difficult abscess), but I have always been able to cope with it somehow.
I am grateful that I have been able to avoid debt and still love my bunny.

Finally, Nader and I have grown closer together.
We have had our challenges but...
We are supportive of each other.
We make each other laugh.
We are each other's best friend.
Sounds like we're married, huh?
Uh, we're not.
I'll.... keep you posted.

PS - Yes, Nader DID make a fantastic turkey (his first!), which we ate with homemade cranberry sauce and yams (by yours truly) and we shared with our friend Peter.
~*Happy Thanksgiving*~