Friday, April 3, 2009

Way Too Much Sperm-y Fun

I guess you will only appreciate this if you're a nerd like me... or if you're just dirty minded... Regardless, ever since we got our wind-up sperm toys at work we've been having way too much with 'em... Be it by actually playing with them (see my racing video on Facebook) or by talking about them, like the following string of e-mails will show:

From: A guy
To: Everyone
Subject: Missing Suggestive Marketing Toy...

Sad news everyone. My sperm has gone missing from my desk. If you know his whereabouts, I would very much like to be reunited with him again. He might not have been the best sperm, but he was mine. There may or may not be a reward for his safe return.Thank you.

From: Another guy...
To: Everyone
Subject: RE: Missing Suggestive Marketing Toy...

I'm sorry for your loss. I know how you feel. My sperm stopped moving yesterday. I hope that you will be reunited with yours shortly.

Deepest Regards

[Hours later...]

From: Lab Director
To: Everyone
Subject: RE: Missing Suggestive Marketing Toy...

You guys are a twisted bunch of individuals. I will never look at my mouse pad the same again!

None of us knew what he was talking about and when I asked, he simply directed me to his office where I found this:

It wasn't any of us, it was someone else, but I'm just disappointed I didn't think about it first... hahaha!!!


Harmony said...

HAHAHAHHAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss you guys so much!!!

Matishka said...

I love that the sperm toys have smiley faces! Haha

Candice said...

That is awesome. You guys have too much fun at work. I miss you all. :(

Kimberly Chapman said...

Followed the link from Cake Wrecks...I totally want one of those sperm!